Online Data Entry Jobs

Online Data Entry Jobs and how to get them!

Once you start looking for an easy data entry jobs online, it will online data entry jobsnot take you long before you find literally thousands of them. Why? because of the convenience. We all want to be able to work from home and earn a good income and there are plenty of companies out there that don’t want to pay for the over heads of having someone come in and do work they can do from home. It really is a win win situation in the whole scheme of things.

However not all online data entry jobs are made equal. You will find some that are basically trying to sell you courses on how to make money from home and these will usually disappoint as you end up spending money rather than making money.  What you need to look for are reputable companies that genuinely need data entry work done.  Stay away from schemes that try to sell you a money making scheme.

How do you recognize a true online data entry job?

Firstly, they will not try and sell you something. You should not have to spend money to get one of these jobs. If you do then it will probably turn out to be a bad experience for you. Some of these courses do have valuable information but most of it can be gleaned from doing Google searches on the net. This information will usually talk about How to create an effective resume, How to present at interviews and to write job applications. None of which is really necessary if you are going to be working from home. Quite often the employer does not even want and interview. There is one caveat  to this and that is many recruitment sites will ask you pay a joining fee. This can be a legitimate transaction and is usually worth the spend. The companies specialize in bringing employers and workers together online.

Secondly,  go to reliable sites like Freelancer, Elance, WAHM and Whydowork. Another place you might want to consider if fiverr. All jobs or gigs as they call them are five dollars but quite often you can get return business at a better rate. These sites will rate and review potential employers, which allows for easy perusal of the jobs area and will help you weed out the bad eggs.

If you are still unsure check the companies name or url at BBB better Business Bureau or the FTC.

What to do once you have located a potential Job or Employer?

Well obviously you will have to apply. Different companies have different application procedures but they all generally follow the same guide lines. So once you have done a few (and expect that you will have to do a few before you get a job) you will find the job application process easy.  As I said previously do not expect to get the first job you apply for. However don’t feel bad if rejected, make it a learning experience and move forward. We all have set backs in life and getting over them builds character and makes future ventures easier and more comfortable. Once you have created a few successful resume’s and got a few jobs under your belt you will find that employers will be willing to give you more and more jobs.

Finding that online data entry job will become a breeze and you will well on your way to making a great living from working online.

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Data entry jobs 2

Why get a data entry job?

Well why not! If you have spare time and have a computer and would like to make some extra cash then a data entry job is perfect for you. Going on-line to make some extra money is not anything new. People have been doing it since the inception of the internet. These days it is easier than ever to get this kind of online employment and although lots are doing it, demand out strips supply. If you are a mother who can’t really get out of the house to work. Then an online job might be just up your alley. Earning an extra $100-$200 or more a week, may just be the kind of help you are looking for. The other great thing about working from home is convenience data entry jobs online offer this by the barrel load. You may already have a nine to five job and need some extra income and that is what a data entry job can do for you.

How do you get one of these data entry jobs?

You go online of course. This sounds simple but can be trickier than you think. Yes a quick Google search will show a lot of sites that are talking about data entry jobs, however not all data entry jobs are made equal and not all sites advertising online work are legitimate, although I have to say the large majority are. The legitimate sites are not trying to sell you anything and are not trying to get you to sign up to an email list. What they are doing is providing lists of jobs that you can apply for. A good indicator of a data entry jobslegitimate online data entry site is the fact that it should not cost you anything to apply for a job. If you have to pay money to get a job then be very wary. Most of these sites will try to sell you an ebook on how to get an online job. Some of these ebooks I have bought a read and I have to say one or two have been helpful, however in all fairness you can do this without spending the money.

Online Data Entry job types

There are lots of different kinds of data entry jobs and this article will not be listing them all. However I will put a few to help with doing Google searches :

Online jobs for teenagers : Online jobs are perfect for teenagers and young adults. Why? because they have time on their hands. They understand technology and therefore can get up to speed with any new hardware and computers they might need to use. Lastly they are young and energetic and love hanging out on the internet. It is the perfect way for teenagers to earn some extra cash.

Online writing Jobs : If you have good language skills then this is a great opportunity for you. There are millions of sites on the web all looking for good content and lots of those site owners are willing to pay good money for that content. Articles writing can be as cheap as $1 per hundred words or can go up to $10 for a hundred words. If you can find a regular gig in article writing you might get a site owner to pay you a regular wage. This is what most online article writers aspire to.

Online teaching jobs : Online education is taking off at the moment. infact some studies suggest that there are more people studying online than offline. This is a great opportunity for those of us that are house bound. You do not need a degree in english or any other subject to do this. In fact lots of students who don’t have english as their first language will pay unqualified people to practice their english. This an easy job and can ear reasonable pay.

Online tutoring jobs : Whilst similar to online teching jobs there is a slight difference. In these jobs you tend to be a bit more of an expert in your field as the clients you are dealing with tend already have good knowledge in the area of study.

Typing jobs : probably the most common type of online employment. This kind of work tends to be a little different from your normal online data entry job. Why? because you tend to have more interaction with the client. often you will be either given voice recordings to transcribe or you will even be posted paper copies of articles and news papers that need to be entered into digital format.


The above are only a few types of data entry jobs that are available there are plenty more ways earn a lviing on the internet. Some of them are outlined on this site. So have a browse around and enjoy. One last thing I would like to mention is that a data entry job on-line is distinct from telecommuting . Telecommuting is not really a job where you are looking for extra income, it is where your main method of earning a living is done from home and distinct from the main office.

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Home Based Business Ideas

Home Based Business Ideas – List of Popular Home Based Businesses

There is nothing like the feeling of working for yourself, without having to slog out long hours for miserly paychecks. When having a home based business, one is also their own boss, without having to report to inconsiderate bosses.

Below, you will find a few home based business ideas that have been quite successful over the years. If none of these home based business ideas appeal to you, you can always use your strengths, skills and business ideas to come up with your own home based business ideas.

Popular home based business ideas

Accounting business 

Many accountants work out of their homes. Freelance or independent accountants are always in demand as not all companies try to hire a full time accountant. Many small companies will usually try to maintain their own books until it gets to a point where they cannot manage it anymore. Or, small businesses might approach freelance accountants when they are getting audited or when they havHome Based Business Idease to file their tax return.

In other words, freelance accountants are always in demand. However, before you implement this home based business idea, you must know that some states will require accountants to have a license or a certain degree of education. To look through the laws that are applicable in your state, visit the website of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. This business idea might also require an investment in software such as QuickBooks, computers and stable Internet connections and some office infrastructure and supplies.

Cleaning services 

Another very popular home based business idea is that of a cleaning service. People pay good money to have their houses cleaned as they simply don’t have the time to attend to housekeeping tasks. That is where you come in and offer housekeeping services. This is a good home business idea as you will be competing against large companies that charge rates that are quite high. So, when you approach clients in a professional manner and with competitive rates, they will be more than willing you to give you business that you can then slowly expand with referrals. This business idea will also require you to invest in cleaning supplies, a commercial vacuum and a van or a truck.

Computer hardware and software support – home based business ideas

Some people are pretty clueless when they face a computer problem. Since large companies usually keep customers waiting for a long time, many consumers will try out local companies to solve their hardware and software problems. If you are knowledgeable in computer hardware and software, you can easily start a lucrative business where you solve easy to fix computer problems for a living.

Pet grooming

A surprising recent statistic showed that 60% of America’s households have a pet. Many of these households are in need of pet grooming services. If you are good with animals and know about pet grooming, you can easily set up a lucrative business where you go to the customer’s home to groom their pets. Just like all other business ideas, this idea will also require you to make a few investments in a truck, pet shampoos, cleaning products etc.

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work from home jobs

Work From Home Jobs to Consider

People seek work from home jobs for a variety of reasons. Some might want the independence and freedom to work from home while some will seek it because they do not like to work in corporate environments. Whatever the reason may be, work from home jobs are available in plenty. Below, we will go over a few work from home jobs that are very popular, both in terms of demand and the amount of money they pay.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant can make anywhere between $15 an hour to even $100 an hour, depending on the tasks they perform and the responsibilities that they take up. These work from home jobs started to pop up  in the 1990′s, after the Internet came up. But, since about 2005, it has really kicked off as more and more companies are looking to hire virtual assistants, in an effort to keep costs down. To access these kinds of jobs, one can visit, a site that periodically lists these particular work from home jobs.

Medical transcriptionist

Medical Transcriptionists have a rather difficult job as they have to listen to dictation from bored doctors, who will all have their own quirky way of dictating into a tape recorder. However, these work from home jobs can be quite lucrative when one is able to get the hang of this special type of transcription. These work from home jobs pay anywhere between $10 – $25 an hour.


Believe it or not, translators make a good amount of money. The average wage of a translator is about $20 an hour, although the rates can go up to as much as $60 an hour, in some technical and consulting niches. If you have good command over several languages, you can set up a translation service from your home and begin to solicit business as a freelance translator.

Web developers, programmers and graphic designers

E-commerce is one industry that continues to grow, even during the recession. Thousands of people open up new websites every day and these thousands of people are in need of web programmers, developers and graphic designers. As a result, freelance sites such as,, are always in demand of people who can design websites, perform SEO or search engine optimization work and also write custom codes.

Online teacher

Online education is on the rise. Teachers can now teach from the comfort of their own home, by becoming an online tutor. If you have a teaching license, you can apply to become an online tutor at leading online education companies such as Sylvan or Some of these work from home jobs might require you to take some tests or obtain some special certifications although they will often be well within the scope of any good teacher.

Writing / Proofreading

Another set of work from home jobs that has always been in demand is writing and proofreading jobs. Though the print publishing business is struggling, website owners and online content sites are always in demand of good writers and proofreaders to generate fresh content for an Internet audience.

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Online Jobs for Teenagers

Online Jobs for Teenagers

Teenagers in schools or colleges have a lot of opportunities to make money online. They can then use the cash for their living expenses or even earn enough to pay for their own education, without having to depend on federal loans and heavy financial support from their parents.

Many teenagers have made a fortune online, with some of the online jobs for teenagers that are mentioned below.

Online jobs for teenagers

Content or blog writer – online jobs for teenagers

If are a teenager with special writing skills, you can easily solicit writing work that will pay you quite well. You also have the option to use your own content to attract visitors from the world wide web, that you can then monetize with programs like Google Ad Sense or other affiliate networks that will pay on a pay per click basis or pay you for sales that might have been generated to your leads.

If you want to offer your writing services, you can do so by offering it at sites such as,, and There are plenty of other sites as well. You can also join Internet marketing forums where you can advertise your writing services to website owners and small business owners who are in need of content for their online businesses.

Paid surveys – online jobs for teenagers

One can make money with online jobs by simply taking online surveys, where they provide feedback as a consumer. However, there is a lot of competition for these kinds of jobs, especially for the surveys that pay a very decent sum of money. When looking for these online jobs for teenagers, you must be wary of websites that will want to charge you a fee to show you where to find such online surveys that will pay you for your feedback. Such sites are usually scams. Only participate in surveys that will not cost you anything.

Virtual assistant – online jobs for teenagers

If you have good communication skills on the phone and through email, you can consider becoming a virtual assistant, where you do basic administrative work for small companies that do not wish to hire full time administrative staff. These online jobs for teenagers will pay quite well and can again be found at the freelancer sites that were mentioned earlier.

Buying and selling from auctions – online jobs for teenagers

Technically, these are not online jobs for teenagers although they are definitely good ideas to generate a considerable amount of money online. Many students buy underpriced items on the Internet, especially electronic items that they have an interest in, and then sell it back to the general public at a higher priced, often through trough the same online store. This method can be applied to electronic gadgets, durable goods and even cars for that matter. This is a very good concept because the Internet is a place where one can find great bargains that are not found in offline, retail stores. The discounts will provide enough room for a very profitable markup, when one closely follows popular auctions sites such as

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How to Work From Home

How to Work From Home?

Here are some interesting ways in which you can answer the question “how to work from home?”

How to work from home? Set up your own personal call center

Many companies are now hiring work from candidates to take care of their customer service. Some companies are just not happy with the quality provided by outsourcing services in other countries. As a result, they hire people in the U.S who have a college education or those who are able to meet some other specific eligibility requirements.

To set up a call center in your home, you will simply need to meet the eligibility requirements of the employer and will also need a workspace that is free of any background noise. Some of the companies that you can approach for such jobs are companies such as,, and a few others. Most of the companies that offer call center type jobs are those that will pay you by the minute. In other words, your paycheck will be determined by the exact amount of time you spend on the phone, interacting with customers, suppliers or whoever it is that the company requires you to talk with.

How to work from home? Sell your skills on freelancing sites

Do you have marketable skills such as writing, proof reading, graphic designing, data entry etc? If you do, there is no reason why you cannot monetize your skills by offering them as services on freelancer sites and classified sites. Most of the freelancer sites are teeming with thousands of business owners who are looking for people to do various tasks such as writing, proof reading, data entry work or any other jobs that can be delivery virtually.

To qualify for these online jobs, one will simply need to register on the freelancing site and then apply or bid on those jobs. Registration is usually free although users will typically have to pay a % of their revenue (about 2-5%), as fees to the freelancing sites, in return for access to job and project listings on their sites.

How to work from home? Sell your products online

If you have a small business that you are desperately trying to expand, you can definitely try to set up a business online, thereby reaching a much larger audience than you previously did. It is quite easy to set up an e-commerce site these days and it will only be a matter of days before you are ready to accept credit cards through an online shopping portal.

You can also consider selling your products through popular auction sites such as, which gets millions of visitors every month.

How to work from home? Start your own blog

If you do not have products or services to sell and rather have business ideas and tips that you want to sell, you can definitely do so my creating a blog that you can then monetize with programs such as Google Ad sense or by selling e-Books that you create yourself. You can also use the traffic that comes to your blog and redirect them to relevant sites that sell relevant products and services, through an affiliate program that will reward you for each sale or lead that you provide.

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Online Writing Jobs

How to get an Online Writing Jobs

If you are good with written words, online writing jobs may be just what you need to generate a steady and attractive source of income. There are plenty of businesses out there that need written content for their websites, article directories, newsletters and email campaigns.

This article will show you how to look for online writing jobs and begin to generate an income source for yourself, by working from your own home.

Join freelancing sites

When most people offer online writing jobs, they go to freelancer sites such as,, and so on. If you want to land these online writing jobs, you will have to become a member at such a freelancing site as well.

You must also remember that most of these freelancing sites will usually take a small % of your earnings. However, these sites can still be very profitable as you can earn a generous amount of revenue when your services become popular.

Open up a PayPal account

Before you start bidding for online writing jobs at freelancer sites, you must make sure that you have a PayPal account set up. Most freelancer sites will send payments through PayPal, which will conveniently transfer the money to your bank account, in just a few days. If you do not have PayPal, some buyers will not be willing to work with you as they have no way of sending payments to you.

Once your PayPal account it set up, you can begin to bid on online writing jobs. Buyers will first transfer the money into an escrow account that will be set up by the freelancing site. Then, when you complete the work, the freelancing site will send the money from escrow into your PayPal account, from where you can transfer the money to your bank account. PayPal accounts can be set up for free of charge.

Bidding for online writing jobs

At first, it can be a bit of a struggle to land online writing jobs, especially the financially lucrative ones. This is because you will have to spend some time to learn about the ways in which the freelancer sites work. When it comes to online writing jobs, there is plenty of competition as well. So, it would be a good idea to start with low prices, just to get yourself recognized in the freelancer site. Once your buyers are impressed with your services, you can slowly begin to increase pricing to match your expectations of your own net worth. Always keep the competition’s prices in mind when you are bidding for online writing jobs.

Create an impressive profile with sample articles

When it comes to online writing jobs, clients will almost always want to see samples of your work. So, prepare some good samples and always have it ready before you bid on a job.

Insist on feedback

Once you have completed online writing jobs, it is very important that you request your clients to leave feedback and reviews on your writing services. Feedback is essential and vital to the success of your online writing job as customers will want to see assurances about your work before they take you up as their writer.

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Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online – Safe and Effective Ways to Make Money on the Internet

When most people think of methods to earn money online, they think that they will often have to engage in shady and unethical practices to make money. However, the truth is far from it. There are plenty of millionaires and billionaires who have made their money entirely online, over a period of time.

While it is never easy to become an overnight success, it is definitely possible to earn money online, with some of the following methods. When one is successful with one of the these methods to earn money online, they can scale it up and increase their revenues quite substantially.

Become and affiliate to earn money online

This is one of the most attractive ways to earn money online. We say attractive because you can become a reseller for high quality goods, made by great companies, and get a commission for each sale or lead that you generate. While it sounds like an easy method to earn money online, it does require a lot of grunt work.

For example, let us say that have signed up as an affiliate for a vitamin store. Though you have the ability to send customers to a site that sells high quality vitamin and supplement products, you still have to find the methods to generate targeted traffic. To do that, you must either invest money in advertising or try to create a website that will get organic traffic from the Internet. For example, you might have great knowledge about vitamins and their uses. You can start a blog that will then become popular. Once your blog becomes popular, you can begin to earn money online by sending your blog’s visitors to the vitamin store that you are an affiliate for, earning commissions in return.

This is a very attractive method to earn money online as you can become an affiliate in any field that interests you. To earn money online with this affiliate method, you can become an affiliate who sells anything from cell phones, baseball bats, machinery or even insurance for that matter.

Market your skills on freelancing sites

This is another very safe way to earn money online. If you are good at something, try to monetize it by becoming a freelancer. Most people begin to worry about the guarantee of payments when they hear about this idea. However, they must know that reputed freelance sites such as, and will offer protection to the freelancers, only allowing them to do work for buyers who have a reputation of paying on time. So, if you can write or design web pages or edit documents, you must definitely begin to offer your services at freelancing sites to earn money online.

Buy and sell from auction sites

Did you know that there are thousands who earn money online by simply buying and selling from eBay and other classifieds sites. Many of the online classified sites will offer products that can be bought at a bargain. If you get good at it, you can easily buy and sell stuff back on such sites to earn money online, through profits that you can consistently generate, if you know what products are popular. It will also help if you have a finger on the pulse when it comes to the right pricing in the market.

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Data Entry From Home

Data Entry From Home – How To Solicit Work?

Data entry from home can be an uncomplicated way of earning money. Data entry work is often simple. Clients or customers will want you to give them content that is typed in a digital format. The content will have to be generated by typing words that are played on audio files or spoken by live people or dictating machines. In some cases, certain data entry work might also require you to transfer handwritten content or content on print to a digital format.

In any case, the passages below will show you how to solicit jobs that will require data entry from home.

Soliciting jobs that require data entry from home, in the online scene

One of the easiest ways to find jobs that require data entry from home is to look through “job sites” on the Internet. The “job sites” that cater to Internet workers are very different from the regular job sites that will require just a resume. To register on a Internet “job site” such as,, and, one will have to create an active profile where they list their skills, past work experience, customer testimonials and also post samples of their work.

The profile will then be looked at by one of the thousand of buyers who scour these “job sites”, looking for people who can do data entry from home. Service providers can also actively look for buyers who are willing to offer jobs that will require data entry from home. When a match is found, the data entry worker will bid on a particular project and then hope that he or she gets selected. If a buyer is interested in a particular provider, they will have the option of inviting the service provider to work for them. When they do get selected, the buyer will finalize a few details and put a payment into escrow, guaranteeing the service provider that they will be paid, once the work is complete. The service provider can then begin the data entry from home and get paid once the work is completed and delivered.

When soliciting online work that will require data entry from home, one must be equipped with a way to receive payments electronically. One can easily do this by signing up for a PayPal account or other popular money transfer provider who will have a worldwide network.

Soliciting jobs that require data entry from home, through offline methods

The online route is not the only way to find work that will require data entry jobs from home. If you have good typing and listening skills, you can approach local hospitals, medical research organizations to see if they will need your medical transcription services. Some medical organizations will be more comfortable by working with a local transcription provider rather than rely on a provider on the other side of the globe.

A great way to solicit local businesses would be by running an ad in the local newspaper, soliciting jobs that will require data entry from home. One will definitely get a few calls. Once they are able to land a few clients, they can aggressively try to expand their data entry business by seeking referrals from existing clients who will only be more than happy to provide them, as long as they received good quality data entry services from the provider.

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Online Teaching Jobs

Online Teaching Jobs – How To Find Online Teaching Jobs?

Online education is a growing trend and more and more universities and colleges are beginning to offer online courses. Many analysts predict that the online education scene will only continue to prosper, as people become more and more Internet savvy.

This will mean that there will be plenty of online teaching jobs that will be created in the future. Even now, there are quite a few online teaching jobs that are readily available. However, one will have to know where to look to find these online teaching jobs. The passages below will offer a few tips on finding such online teaching jobs.

University of Phoenix

In your quest for online teaching jobs, you first stop should invariably be the University of Phoenix. University of Phoenix were the pioneers in online education and it is only natural that they are the most popular online university today. Their popularity definitely means that there will always be at least a few online teaching jobs that will be available at the University of Phoenix. To qualify for the online teaching jobs at University of Phoenix, one will have to have completed a Master’s degree and will also need to possess teaching work experience in the field or subject that they want to teach in.

Capella University

Capella University is another very popular university that offers several online courses, thereby also offering some online teaching jobs. One can apply for the online teaching jobs at Capella University by simply filling out an online application form, at their official website. Interestingly, Capella University was voted as amongst the best places to work in the Minneapolis area.

DeVry University

DeVry is another popular University in the USA that is known to offer online teaching jobs from time to time. Unlike some other online colleges, DeVry University offer courses that cover a wide range of subjects and fields of study. If you have had trouble obtaining online teaching jobs in fields that are not very popular in other online Universities, DeVry University is definitely worth trying as they have a diverse set of teaching positions.

To qualify for the online teaching jobs on offer at DeVry University, one must have completed a Master’s Degree and also must have at least 18 hours of teaching experience, in the subject that they want to teach.

If you do not have a master’s degree, your scope for finding online teaching jobs is quite limited. However, at, you can find online teaching jobs that will not require a master’s degree. Working as a teacher with will offer some interesting benefits as the teacher will have the liberty to set a schedule according to their preferences. also offers a lot of flexibility to their teachers in the sense that their teachers can pick up additional work in subjects such as match, science, writing etc, when they want to, thereby increasing their earning potential.

Physically visit colleges

Lastly, you must also explore the option of physically visiting universities to see if they have any online teaching jobs that are available. Since most colleges will have some sort of an online teaching program in the pipeline, you might just get lucky enough to be one of the first applicants for the job.

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Online Tutoring Jobs

Online Tutoring Jobs – Good Places To Apply

As online education becomes more and more popular, the demand for tutors or teachers who can teach online will also increase correspondingly. The market is already seeing a steady growth of online tutoring jobs that are now beginning to surface in classifieds and job sites.

The passages below will show you places where you can apply for good on-line tutoring jobsonline tutoring jobs, to get a head start on the competition. – online tutoring jobs was a pioneer in the field of online learning. As a result, they have managed to grow an expansive network. To qualify for online tutoring jobs at, one will have to get their application manually reviewed by a screening team. Applicants will also have to undergo some tests to qualify for the teaching positions that are available at – online tutoring jobs

This is a relatively new website that focuses on advanced levels of learning. They cover a diverse set of subjects such as science, English as well as advanced writing. To qualify for online tutoring jobs at, one will have to obtain their special certification that is called the E-Structor certification. One can visit the website of to learn more details about how to apply and possibly work for them, as an online teacher or tutor. – online tutoring jobs

This revolutionary online education website became quite popular after it was featured on the very popular NBC show, the “Today Show”. To procure one of the online tutoring jobs at, one will need to be selected in a screening process. Then, the applicant will also have to undergo a special training program that will last about 3 weeks. In some cases, depending on the online tutoring job in question, the training can take as much as two months, after which the tutor will be inducted as full time tutor. – online tutoring jobs is a unique online education website as it is one of the few sites that actually offers one on one training. The website also offers training for standardized tests such as GMAT, ACT etc. To apply for the online tutoring jobs at, one will have to go through a rather unique selection process where they are first assessed and then put on a paid training or internship program, before being hired as full time tutors. – online tutoring jobs is a site that helps kids solve their homework. Tutors who are looking to teach primary school math and science will like working for this site. Getting selected for online tutoring jobs at is relatively easy, when compared to some of the other sites mentioned here.

Sylvan online – online tutoring jobs

Sylvan Online is one of the most recognized online tutoring websites that offers tutoring for students in grade 3 through grade 9. To qualify for online tutoring jobs at Sylvan, one will have to have a current teaching license. Then, they will go through a manual selection process where they are interviewed for a job.

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