Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs can be a good vehicle for those who are looking to earn a decent sum of money, without involving themselves in work that might be too difficult for them. Generally, online data entry jobs are sought by those who have a hard time getting a full time employment in a company that will want a specific set of skills, particular training or a certain level of education. It is also considered by those who want to work from home.

The passages below will provide a few general tips on online data entry jobs.

Types of online data entry jobs

Most data entry jobs will only require the employee to be proficient with typing. The greater the typing speed, the more productive an employee can be. When one searches for online data entry jobs, they will find that the data entry jobs are data entry jobsusually found in one of the following fields.

Data entry jobs that require captioning

Many television companies and independent video makers will want people to write out captions for their videos. These can be very good data entry jobs if you are proficient with typing and are also easily able to understand dialogue on a video.

Data entry jobs that require work in the legal field

The legal field is one field where the paperwork piles up sky high. Due to the immense workload, many legal departments and attorney’s offices will make use of outsourcing, by posting data entry jobs. That is where you come in and perform tasks such as transcription, copy pasting, light editing etc.

Data entry jobs in the medical field

Of all the online data entry jobs, medical transcription pays the most. However, one will usually need to qualify for certain medical transcriptions jobs by undergoing specific training or by exhibiting past experience with medical transcription.

General data entry jobs

Apart from the data entry jobs mentioned above, one will also find several opportunities with general data entry work that will require transcription of conference calls, video conference calls etc. Some corporations might also hire data entry workers to transfer handwritten material into the digital format or type text that is found in books and other physical documents.

Where can one find the above mentioned data entry jobs?

The competition amongst data entry providers is quite intense, as there are many people who are capable of doing the job. The present day economics also mean that people with advanced skills are also offering data entry services as they might have been laid off.

However, you can begin to solicit data entry jobs by registering yourself on freelancer sites such as,, etc. Registration often takes just a few minutes and is mostly free, unless you want to use advanced features and options of the networking site in question. Once you have registered, you will simply have to create an attractive profile where you mention your skills, past achievements and your work experience. You can then begin to bid on jobs as and when they are announced on such sites. Once you land a few jobs, your reputation will improve, especially when you provide good quality work. That will in turn increase your visibility on the networking site in question and fetch you more and more data entry work in the process. Here is another great place to learn a little more about online employment .


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