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If you were recently laid off or if you simply have a lot of time on your hands that you want to monetize from home, you can consider one of the many online work opportunities that are now available. Thanks to the Internet, one can now work for anyone in any part of the world, thereby eliminating the need to be on the payroll of any one company.

Online work opportunities are pretty easy to set up and one will usually only need a good computer and a stable computer Internet connection to get going. This article will give you a few pointers on finding online work opportunities.

Selecting the right online work opportunities

When choosing from various online work opportunities, it is imperative that you select something that you are interested in, as opposed to pursuing something just for the money, especially if you want online work on a long term basis.

The Internet will offer you online work in fields such as transcription, medical transcription, tech support, customer support, virtual assistant support, web design, content writing, proofreading and so many other fields as well. You must choose online work that will be compatible with your skills, personality and comfort level. For example, if you are someone who cannot type very quickly, after listening to spoken dictation, it would be a bad idea to pursue medical transcription work just because you are interested in the money. Choosing online work for the sake of money will make you quit very quickly, out of frustration.

Approaching the right sources to find online work

So many people say that the Internet is full of scams because that is the truth, quite sadly enough. The anonymous nature of the Internet marketplace has meant there are thousands who will try to rip you off. The usual modus operandi of such scam artists is when they promise you of very attractive work opportunities. Then, when you try to become their service provider, they will want you to pay a sort of a finder’s fee to put you in touch with the lucrative client. Avoid such offers like the plague as they are downright scams. In a best case scenario, you will simply get an e-book that will tell you how to find work on the Internet. It will just be presented to you as if it was a million dollar secret.

The best sites to approach for online work are freelance sites such as,, and There are plenty more as well. A sign of a good online work site is where buyers and sellers are all transparent in an online community that will have a rating system, feedback and reviews available on each buyer and seller that is active in the system.

Soliciting online work from such websites will allow you to provide your services at very competitive rates and also be assured about payments. These sites will usually take a small % (2-5%) of your revenues as fees. However, it is quite a small price to pay for soliciting genuine, quality online work

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